Butler Land Surveying provides professional land surveying to clients in southern New York State and northern Pennsylvania. Our office is located in Little Meadows in the northwest corner of Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania.

Professional Land Surveyor

Scott S. Williams, LS is the owner of Butler Land Surveying. Scott is a licensed land surveyor in New York and Pennsylvania and has been practicing since 1988. Scott is originally from Athens, Pennsylvania and attended Penn State University. He subsequently received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Management in 1985 and an Associate Degree in Surveying Technology in 1988.

After working for at a large engineering firm as a Survey Manager for 12 years, Scott purchased the business of John E. Butler, LS of Little Meadows. Mr. Butler had maintained a good reputation while in business for over twenty years.


In the field, Butler Land Surveying uses state of the art technology. For drone mapping projects, we use a DJI Phantom 4 Pro UAV (drone). For GPS projects, Butler owns Trimble RTK receivers which allow ties to State Plane Coordinate Systems. Conventional survey work is done using dependable Topcon GPT3102 electronic total stations connected to Windows based TDS Ranger data collectors. This link allows for data to be stored electronically through the TDS Survey Pro collection software. Field points are described and labeled for field-to-finish mapping in the office.


In the office, field data is downloaded directly into Carlson Survey mapping software. Field labels correspond to symbols in the Cadd environment. Linear features such as roads and fences are drawn automatically. Finish mapping is in AutoCad.

Large format scanning and plotting allow Butler Land Surveying to backdrop photos or plans into the final map for an enhanced vision of the site.